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Almost all businesses now require an on-line presence to compete effectively. With almost 1000 million domain names currently registered and over 4 million websites active it is important your company can be found amongst the masses. The process of being found begins with good design, copywriting and production of all types of digital media, web sites, Marketing­­ emails, social media, e-zines, videos and advertisements.

Your website is only part of your digital presence and should form part of your digital media strategy.  Emails, social media, blog, video channels all optimized for search engines should be used as a tool to funnel sales leads to your sales department.

We can help with website planning and building, search engine optimization, links and backlinks to and from other websites, youtube channels, facebook, twitter and other social media.  These different digital media components  all form part of your digital media arsenal to give you the sales leads you need.

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